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USEFUL LINKS - Resources for home owners

American Society of Home Inspectors® - is a comprehensive source for information on the home inspection profession. The site includes a virtual home inspection tour, a survey to rate your home inspector, links to many information sources about home maintenance issues, and an easy to use inspector finder.

ASHI® Reporter articles by Roger Hankey

Misunderstandings & Communication, September 2006

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Home Inspectors, April 2007

Developing a Support Network Helps Offset Inexperience, June 2007

An Orange Cone Moment, October 2007

Watch Your Step, June 2008

BUILDING SCIENCE Corporation, is a source of the latest technical information on insulation, ventilation, heating & cooling, moisture intrusion, and best building practice, including a particularly useful guide called "Read this before you move in". Many articles are authored by Joseph Lstiburek, a nationally recognized expert on moisture control in buildings. 

Battic Door Energy Conservation Products

A producer of high quality attic hatches, stair covers and other heat saving products.  Lower Your Home Energy Bills!

Chimney Safety Institute of America -  A good source for information about fireplaces and chimneys, including qualified chimney sweeps and clothes dryer vent cleaning firms.

Clean Air Revival provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution.

CO Experts - is the website of the manufacturer of the Low Level Carbon Monoxide monitor that we sell. The site explains in detail the advantages of this product, which we believe is greatly superior to other CO alarms. If you have small children or a family member with respiratory disease, you need this monitor.  We no longer sell these monitors, but they can by purchased at

DO IT YOURSELF.COM - how to do many home projects 

GOOGLE GUIDE - I thought I knew how to use Google, but there are so many tools and tricks that I was not aware of until recently.  Google Guide explains many and provides you with examples of how to use them including: Calculator, maps, phone directory, directions, etc.

HEALTH HOUSE.ORG - has lots of information on building and maintaining a healty home.  A division of American Lung Assoc. of the Upper Midwest.

HOME REPAIR COST GUIDE - general estimates for many projects

HOME SMART - a service of Builders Association of Minnesota has many illustrated useful tips on home maintenance.

HOME BUYING TIPS from US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) is one of the most frequently viewed internet websites for inspectors and home owners seeking information on asbestos, aluminum wiring hazards, Federal Pacific Electric circuit breakers, mold, and other building defects.  Roger Hankey serves as a contributor and reviewer for this site. 

Minnesota Department of Health contains many documents on home health issues including mold, asbestos, radon, lead paint, and other concerns. 

Minnesota Department of Commerce - offers Home Energy Guides, and many other useful documents including complaint forms on real estate agents, contractors, and other disputes.  Also see the page on Real Estate and Mortgages

Simpson StrongTie - A good information source on fasteners, deck construction, etc.

The Family Handyman  - Good Article on repair of a load bearing wood column 

Take Back the Air - Is a Minneapolis community organization trying to reduce air pollution, especially from wood burning.

Burning Issues  - Is a national organization working to reduce air pollution, especially from wood burning.

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