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Outstanding job!

I really appreciate your objective analysis and writing style.  Your skills as an investigator and consultant are most excellent.

Best Regards,
Stephan Brown  August 16, 2018

Thanks Roger.  I really appreciate how thorough you were with the inspection.  I learned a lot J 

Paula M March 2016


Many thanks for forwarding this information to us. It is very valuable. We ultimately did have the insulation removed by an asbestos abatement contractor, at a cost of approximately $5,500.00  Now we have an opportunity to try and recover some of those costs!


I really appreciate your follow-up, several years after your inspection! Your attention to detail is fantastic. I will certainly recommend you to others for home inspections.  Thanks again!


Matt & Melinda P        January 2016 

Thank you so much for your detailed inspection, it gave me a lot of food for thought! I’ll definitely put a very positive review on Angie’s List for you!

Rob B.  May 2012   # # #

Just wanted to say thank you again for the detailed work you provided on our new home in Minneapolis.  It provided great insight into our new home and we've been able remedy the items you found as concerns.  We'll be sure to recomend you and reach out if we have any future needs as well.

Thank you again,
Dan G.              May 2012 # # #

My customer bought her house after we negotiated a $5,000 price reduction.  Based on your report, I could tell you thought the roof was older than 10 years so the morning following the inspection I stopped at the City Hall to see if they had a roofing permit on file.  They did.  The shingles were 15-1/2 years old.  The sellers also had no idea their deck rail construction was so weak.  Thanks for the nice inspection, Roger.

June (agent)  April 2012   # # #

Roger was recommended by our realtor last summer when our daughter was buying a house. He did a very thorough job, and found several issues that required repairs. He was also able to perform a Radon test, which showed that radon abatement would be required. Thanks to Roger, our daughter was able to have all repairs done before moving in. This month we purchased a home for ourselves, and again hired Roger to do the inspection. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of home construction, including mechanical systems, and he has all the equipment necessary to test the "normal" things, and also the more unusual things. This house heats the lower floor by pumping hot water through pex tubing embedded in the concrete; Roger had an infrared camera that he used to determine that the under floor heating was working properly, and which also provided detailed images of where the heating pipes were buried. He leaves no stone unturned, and provides a detailed report, including photos, of all issues that are uncovered. His knowledge of proper construction practices allowed him to verify that the exterior flashing was installed correctly. As this was newer construction, he even reviewed the blueprints to determine if moisture barriers had been properly specified throughout the home. We have used several other inspectors previously, but going forward Roger will be at the top of our list. He does a truly outstanding job; highly recommended.
Ken  March 2012  # # #
We're in the process of remodeling and updating our 1925 bungalow in South MPLS. Since we're lived here awhile and we knew some settling occurred, we decided to get a comprehensive home inspection to make sure there were no structural problems or other issues as we were doing the remodeling.  Roger spent several hours here looking at everything from the basement to attic (even braved our dangerous back hallway attic access), gutters and the detached garage. He did find a couple of structural problems with our main column and a few floor joists, we would never have known about and advised us on how they should be repaired. He discovered why one of our gutters ruptured during a freeze this winter (the contractors used too long of screw in the downspots so one was clogged, holding water - who would know that?). Plus a list of other, fortunately minor things, we need to address. He provided a comprehensive report with list, written advice with pictures for repairs, and was just fun to talk to and learn from. I will definitely hire him again!
Rebecca  March 2012  #  #  #
Roger inspected two homes for us over a two month period.  We had an outstanding experience with Hankey and Brown.  Roger made himself available at a time that was convenient for us.  His skills as an inspector are superlative.  The ratio of problems he found to problems we were aware of was greater than 10:1! The first home inspection lasted all day and the walk through was incredibly detailed.  The report was provided in a punctual manner.  We had several follow-up questions.  Roger and Cheryl were accessible and knowledgeable.  We hope to never need another inspection again but if we do, we hope Hankey and Brown are still in business!
AMELIA & AARON March 2012   #  #  #
We hired Roger to do the inspection on a new construction house. He did an excellent job with the inspection and was very thorough. He even went by the house prior to the inspection to get an idea of the house and he pulled permits from the city of Edina. He asked for information on the siding of the house prior to the inspection and even spoke with the siding company to make sure that the flashing on the windows were installed correctly, which they were not. His thoroughness likely saved us from severe water damage in the future. He gave recommendations on how to repair problems and ways to prevent problems. He did the inspection alone then we met with him at the house afterward and he went though everything with us. I had brought my computer with me and he downloaded the entire report plus photos immediately. He was extremely patient and friendly and answered all our questions. We will use him again before the 1 yr warranty on our house is up. He wasn't cheap, but we feel it was worth every penny.
Nina M.  January 2012  #  #  #
We were happy with the work your firm did for us.  You showed up when you said you would, charged us what you said you would, helped us with the radon test, and were knowledgeable and helpful in responding to our questions.  
Roger P.  January 2012 # # #


I noted some cracking in the basement foundation wall, and didn't know how best to approach the problem, who to trust.  After a couple of months of observing - it wasn't getting better.  I checked the website of the home inspectors who helped me buy the house, and found they could consult on problems like this.  Roger came punctually.  He's good.  Started with looking around outside, made recommendations about drainage and grading of the yard, even noted an electrical wire problem that should be reported to the power company.  Inside, he evaluated carefully, measured, took pictures, and made some recommendations about what it would take to restore the wall and help the basement structurally.  He sent a detailed illustrated report by email, and included - at my request - contractors whose work he knew for this type of job.   (He was careful to say that these weren't the only people who do this work, just some whose work he had seen.)   I ended up using one of them (also reviewed Angie's List).  It isn't cheap to get this type of consultation, but I knew that I would be more likely to get the right thing done by a competent person - the first time.  Peace of mind is worth something.  Overall, now that the work is done, I got my money's worth.  I would recommend Hankey and Brown for home inspection and advice before projects that seem - or are - major.
Ellen C.  January 2012  #  #  #


Roger and his wife were extremely professional.  He took extra time to explain every aspect of the home inspection and the results. He was very knowledgeable about south Minneapolis homes and the right way and wrong way to get the job done.  I was most impressed about the amount of time he took to answer all our questions. The level of service and professionalism was outstanding from start to finish.  From setting up the appointment to paying the bill the whole experience was worth every penny.  

In the end Roger found some major issues with the home and because of his thorough inspection, I lowered my price drastically. He saved me from making a huge mistake in home purchasing while education me at the same time. No reason to even think about it. Hire them. You will not be disappointed. 

Steve V.  August 2011   # # #

Roger performed our home inspection and did a wonderful job. He was on time, courteous, thorough and detailed. His services are highly recommended by us! Thanks again

Matt  April 2011  # # #

I was out of town and just went through your report.  Very comprehensive and useful. Thanks again.

Shailesh  - April 2011  # # #

Thank you so much for helping us with the inspection of our new home.  You were thorough and very hospitable.  We would be happy to be used as a reference for you.  Thanks again

Jafar & Afria Hasan,  April 2011 # # #

I am happy to report that Home Service Plus did come out and fix the stove so I no longer have that smell in the kitchen. In addition, the furnace problem was rectified so I now have the dual pipe system in place and have had no further problems with water accumulation in the pipe/furnace.

Your advice proved invaluable and gave me the knowledge and confidence to specifically request the repairs necessary to solve the problems.   Thank you!!

Jan - - March 2011  # # #

The inspection was great - you are so thorough.  We would recommend you in a heartbeat (and will do so if we know anybody who needs an inspector)! 
Katie - -  March 2011 # # #
Roger was great! Forget the other national/regional companies. He was prompt, professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I didn't expect for him to answer the phone at 8pm on a weekday when I called to schedule my appointment. He made the inspection process easy, especially for a first time home buyer. We spent nearly three hours walking through the house together. (The house is in Saint Paul, built in 1907). He did a great job explaining what he saw, why it was a problem, and how to fix it. After the inspection was completed, he gave us a very detailed PDF report of his findings, as well as diagrams and suggestions for fixing any problems. I've heard they charge more than others, but I don't care - it was worth it!!
Ryan - - Jan. 2011 # # #
Thank you Roger for your great work!  It was a pleasure to work with you and I am so glad that you are detail orientated.  I feel much more comfortable with the house after getting your opinion.  I will definately be recommending you to anyone I know that is looking to buy a house.
Sara  W. -  November 2010 # # #
I called the number, and was able to connect to Roger.  He gave me a flat fee quote, and we setup a time.  He also estimated the amount of time it would take.  On the day of service, he was at the house promptly.  Roger was outstanding, thorough, and friendly.  He carefully explained all the findings, and offered recommendations as well.  His report was clear, detailed, and had good pictures for support.  Special thanks to Roger to fixing some minor things - the insulation in the attic was messed up by the satellite guy, and Roger took it upon himself to "re-fluff" the insulation. Second, the intake port for ventilation was clogged with dust and cottonwood fuzz- and Roger cleaned it up for me.  If I had to do it, I would have had to bring a tall ladder to the steep backyard, and fix it - a 1/2 hour work for me.  Roger goes the extra mile.  Friendly, warm, and professional. I will absolutely use him again, if I need such services, and highly recommend to anyone looking for inspection services.

Belo  -  October 2010 # # #

Roger did an outstanding job inspecting our house prior to purchasing. He spent approximately 6 hours on the inspection and was extremely thorough, even looking behind the insulation in the basement and had actually climbed into the attic as well. He came highly recommended on Angie's List® (by repeat customers) and we will definitely use him again for our inspection needs. Although his inspection fee might be higher than companies, it was well worth the investment. If you are going to buy a house, it is worth having Roger on your side.

Lisa - - October 2010 # # #
I researched home inspection services online and interviewed several via telephone before hiring one. I wanted someone qualified and experienced who was willing to take the time necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of the property.  I expected a written report that was not all boilerplate…a report that when I read it, I’d see the uniqueness of my house…and my house alone. After speaking at length with Roger’s very capable and knowledgeable business partner, Cheryll Brown (who is also a certified home inspector), I decided to go with Hankey & Brown Inspection Srv. Inc.   I was not disappointed.

Roger spent over four hours (4000 sq ft home) on site and wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty.  I got answers to questions and a report that doesn’t just sit on a shelf, but gets studied and used over time as I address each comment in the report.  A good home inspection, by a good home inspector, takes some of the uncertainty out of making a major investment decision.  Well worth the cost in my opinion.

Hankey Brown Inspection Srv is where I will turn if and when I need another home inspection.  I highly recommend them for your next home inspection.

Richard Reese  - - September 2010 # # #

Your inspection more than paid for itself (both in money saved drywalling and more importantly perhaps the lives of my family). Thank you SO much.

Phil  August 2010 # # #

Excellent service and information. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Listened to my concerns and answered all questions. Helped me prioritize what needs to be done now, as well as generate ideas on how to work with and find contractors, and consider various solutions that could be used to address specific problems. I'm sure this inspection will save me money from doing unnecessary repairs and being better informed when I talk to contractors.

Bob  July 2010  # # #

I feel that it was a fairly thorough evaluation of the home.  The inspector did a very nice job of documenting and explaining the issues that he found – he was very knowledgeable.

Jason  July 2010 # # #

We had water leaking into our basement and we were uncertain where it was coming from. Roger came out and after just a few quick minutes determined that it was due to a leaky pipe within the wall. He explained how this had happened and was very professional. This had been driving us up the wall for the past few months and we had finally found someone that was able to give us a definitive answer. Great job and very professional!

Heidi   July 2010 # # #

Again, fantastic. This is the second time that I've hired Roger and I've been thrilled both times. Prompt, friendly, willing to explain everything. I rarely feel like someone is really 'on your side' like I get from Roger. I'd recommend him to anyone. His inspection reports are emailed, easy to read, and thorough, impressing even the sellers and my agent. Good job!

Adam  July 2010 # # #

It was a pleasure working with you. I was glad to see the depth of knowledge and the suggestions you came up with about things that need to be worked on at the house when you did do the inspection. I am pleased to tell you that we did put everything that you found in the house into consideration before we made the agreement to buy the house.

We did buy the house. Unfortunately, it did not work out with the first contractor you suggested as he was on the high side of the most of the bids for work.

Pratik  July 2010  # # #

Thank you for the exceptional report.  We will be in touch on my next home purchase. 

Manuel   June 2010  # # #             

We think you did a great job on our inspection and hope you have a great 2010!

Shane  Jan. 2010  # # #

I spoke with Cheryll to set up the initial appointmet; so gracious and professional. I enjoyed chatting with her. Was able to obtain appointment within my specified timeline. I was present during the actual home inspection provided by Roger. He allowed me to follow him during the inspection and ask clarifying questions related to any and all issues pertaining to the house. Roger inspected every inch of the 3000 + sq ft property. He made this rather tedious experience fun while being professional and time efficient. The best part is, I was able to walk away with a copy of the complete inspection form on my flash drive as soon as Roger was done. I enjoyed my interactions with both Roger and Cheryll and would be happy to recommend / use them again in the future.
Joy  Jan. 2010  # # #

We very much appreciated your inspection of the house we are looking to buy. I thought your inspection was thorough and very much appreciated the walk through following the inspection, pointing out the key areas of concern and suggestions as to how best resolve issues. I especially appreciate the written report available immediately following the inspection.  

Thank you.

Ken  Nov. 2009  #  #  #

Thanks a lot for your very thorough analysis, it was right on!

Allan  Sept. 2009   #  #  #

Your inspection was extremely professional and thorough.  I look forward to the day when I can recommend you to a friend.

Lauren    August 2009    # # #

We were very satisfied with the inspection.  You were able to both identify and demonstrate for us items that needed to be fixed throughout the home.  We would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a thorough inspection of a possible home purchase. 

Thanks again,
Michelle and Christopher     # # # August 2009

Everything is great & you did a wonderful job. Would certainly recommend you to others!

Mark  August 2009  # # #


We were very satisfied with your inspection.  As a result, the seller made a number of repairs prior to closing.  Knowing about the electrical service enabled us to contact an electrician and have the box changed out while we were moving in.  We found your report to be clear and thorough.  Thank you.

Steve & Karla, August 2009  # # # 

We are very happy that you identified the problem with the porch and the roof.  We've had a few tradespeople out and received several comments about how good our inspector must have been to identify the problem with our porch.  They all expressed disbelief that it had been built that way. They noted how odd and dangerous it was that the porch was built without a ledger.

Kathy  August 2009 # # #

Thank you so much for doing our inspection especially on such a short notice! I will definitely recommend you and your services to my friends and family when the time comes for them.

Brent July 2009 # # #


We bought the house.  We were so excited! You did a wonderful job on the inspection. Thank you, 
Courtney June 2009   # # #
Excellent. From start to finish Roger and Cheryll were great! They are always professional and friendly. They are experts in the field and go above and beyond expectations. We met Roger towards the end of the inspection and he guided us through the property and recommendations. He was very clear and concise and provided an excellent summary which we received immediately and electronically. I would recommend them to anyone. We have utlized their services twice and been very pleased with their services both time! Excellent!
Michael   May 2009   # # #

Very knowledgeable. Explained all findings and emailed a report in PDF form immediately. Inspection included a CD with guides on several different areas of home repair.

Dan - May 2009  # # #
After researching many home inpection companies I called Hankey & Brown, based on reports by other members. From the initial phone call through writing out a check for the final bill I was very pleased with H&B. Roger was able to come out the same day I called and spent a lot of time (about 2 hours) inspecting my house and then explaining his findings in detail. As others have commented, he really knows his stuff and you can tell that he truly enjoys his work. Much to my relief, Roger indicated that the wall cracks were not structural but caused by a variance in the humidity inside my house vs. outside. He made a few recommendations on how I can easily remedy the variance myself. I highly recommend Hankey & Brown and will definitely use them again in the future if/when I need a home inspection!
Mike - April 2009  # # #

You were great... and all worked out well.  I moved in last week.  Thanks for your help!

Gregory -  March 2009   # #  #

I was very happy with your inspection.  Its a big house, so I was concerned about the potential of many small repairs along with the potential for large repairs.  Your work made me feel much more secure about making that type of investment.  
Todd - March 2009  # # #

Your report has been VERY helpful in identifying what items to fix and in what order.  We appreciate VERY MUCH the great job you did on the inspection.

Dan - March 2009   # # #

I want to thank you for the inspection,  as of now they have not agreed to lower the price so we are looking elsewhere.  If they do lower the price then we might get back in the game.  If we find another house I will let you know.
David - March 2009  ###

Our deal with the house fell through. The sellers were not willing to negotiate on the roof. We tried meeting them half way, but they still wouldn’t spend the money, so we cancelled.

We are still looking, so when we find one again, you’ll be getting a call or email.

I’m very pleased with the inspection and reports. I would recommend you to anyone, at any time for an inspection

Ned - March 2009 ###

Your service was of value to me- in that I now feel more certain that I did get a good insulaton job 10 years ago. Technology is a wonderful thing. It was very interesting to see your photos that show both the structure as well as the temperature profile of the surfaces. Use as a reference if  you wish. Thanks

Floyd  Feb. 2009 ### IR Thermography customer

Thanks for the very thorough inspection, I have referenced the report many times in just the one month that has passed since I moved in. I have not found anything to add to your report, and neither have the couple of professionals I hired to do some fixes. In fact they both commented on the completeness and accuracy of your diagnostics. Thanks again.
Kyle  December 2008 ###

Thank you for helping us with the inspection.
It was a very pleasant experience for us and we find it very helpful.  We do value your services.
Olivia  December 2008 ###
They're very professional and I would say very thorough. Not only do they provide the inspection services and an extensive report, they also tell you how to address issues they've found with the properties.
Michael December 2008 ###

We're doing great in our house.  We're just really happy to be here.  The home inspection was very thorough, and we have not been suprised by anything unexpectedly going wrong or needing to be fixed.  We're very confident in knowing the true condition of our house thanks to your inspection.

Tom - November 2008 # # #
Things are working out great in my new house. You did a wonderful job with the inspection. I have fixed or taken care of a few things on your list and will eventually get around to taken care of more. But as you know, it all takes time. Thank you for all of your help.

Carla - October 2008 # # #

The inspection was great!  The report was well written, it covered what we talked about, and with the exception of a few minor things, most of it we have addressed already! I thought you did a very thorough job and would consider you for my next home inspection needs.  I walked away feeling like we were covered and felt good about the purchase.  

Thank you!

October 2008 # # #

Thanks for checking in, Roger.  Things are going well.  We moved in a little over a week ago.  It was a long process getting the place move-in ready, but it was definitely worth it.  We really appreciate all of your help with the house, your inspection helped us get a much better price on the place.
Jamie  August 2008 ###


Bottom line is that we got everything worked out and you correctly located/identified a problem and we got it solved. We are now busy trying to get our house sold and to move onto the next phase!!

Best wishes.

Mark     July 2008 ###  (Problem was a failed retaining wall, $8,000 repair est.) 

Thanks again for inspecting my home.   I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs an inspection.  I really appreciate your quality of work. 
Kathy June 2008 ##

Hi Roger. We negotiated a lower price in exchange for a list of items that included fixing the sewer. I sure appreciate the follow up.  Regarding the service you provided, I am 100% happy with your work. Thanks again.

Zane  June 2008 ##

My wife and I have moved into the house. We're very pleased.  Your flagging the furnace turned out to be a windfall. The one contingency that we had made to our final purchase agreement was for the furnace to be certified. It failed. The seller replaced the furnace, although I paid the difference between the basic model and the high-efficiency version.

You were GREAT, all the way around. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Again, thank you for your service.

Andrew, May 2008 ##

Excellent! Called them on the phone to schedule an appointment and they were very nice to talk to on the phone and they knew exactly what I wanted and what sort of information they needed from me. They set up the inspection and sent me the paperwork preinspection to look over and sign. When I arrived I met Roger for the first time and he had a great attitude; very friendly and willing to explain things I didn't understand. He ran over the list of things that he had found (and things that were not found, like mold) and took me around the house to show me all the items. He was even able to answer questions not directly related to the home inspection which was very cool. He had a great eye for detail, finding even the tiniest of things. He also gave recommendations about existing items, how old they were, how much they would cost to repair and how long I could expect them to last. Great people to work with; highly, highly recommended, and they accept Paypal! Huge plus!

Adam - March 26, 2008  ###

Thank you for the thorough inspection of the house in Minneapolis. My wife and I are buying the home "warts and all". Your excellent report will help us prioritize repairs and maintenance.

Andy -  March 26, 2008

The closing went well and we moved into our new home on March 18th.  Thank you so much for the thorough inspection.  It feels good to be in a house that feels solid and well built.  I will recommend you to anyone that has any upcoming home inspection needs.
- David S.  March 23, 2008         ###

Thanks. Things have worked out pretty well; we're closing on Monday the 17th, the seller has taken care of some of the findings including the electrical service panel, he's installed a Radon mitigation system and removed the illegal space heaters, and he'll be putting $1500 in escrow to be put towards re-insulating the attic and repairing/replacing the boiler. We will be taking care of many of your other recommended items after closing.
Thanks again for helping us get a more informed perspective on the condition of our future home.
-David H.   March 13, 2008              ###

Thanks Roger, we are very pleased with your service.              

Deniz  March 8, 2008          ###

Many thanks for a job well done. I appreciate your willingness to talk Christa through her many questions and concerns. I have marked your contact information as an A+ recommendation in my records and will gladly pass your name along to anyone that is looking for a building inspector. 

KMB March 4, 2008                    ###

We very much enjoyed the experience working with you and felt the $420 was well worth it.

N.  & M. L.  March 2, 2008             ###

We really appreciated your inspection and were very pleased with your work. It was wonderful that you took as much time as you did to explain the problems you saw and how you might correct them.

Would definitely recommend your services to others.

EB Feb. 2008                              ###

Your inspection was extremely helpful as we negotiated the purchase and thought about our plans.

DS Jan 2008                                 ###

Thanks for a good job!
SM Jan 2008                                 ###

Thanks for the detailed inspection report.  It certainly has served its purposes.

BP Jan 2008                                 ###

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