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Common Adverse Conditions found in home inspections

(all photos this page are Copyright Roger Hankey)

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No house is perfect. Even the best built and best maintained homes will always have a few items in less than perfect condition. Below are some of the items we find most often on our home inspections:

Damp Basements Damp basements are the single most common defect we find. Usually it doesn't mean the basement will flood. The remedies are often simple maintenance or repairs to rain gutters, downspouts, and site grading. HOWEVER, failure to maintain gutters & downspouts will often lead to water damaged carpets, moldy walls, etc.

                 (C) 2010 Wet basement corner Minnesota Home Inspections

Electrical hazards More common in older homes, but often found in newer homes as well. Electrical hazards come in many forms, from ungrounded outlets to wiring done incorrectly by the homeowner. We will also suggest upgrades such as installing GFCI's.

                (C) 2010 Improper wiring at a junction box

Moisture damage Damage can be from excess indoor humidity, water entry around doors, windows and other building joints, or around tubs, showers and toilets. Damage from splashing water due to lack of rain gutters is also common.  

              (C) 2010 Weathered decayed window sill and casing

Water heaters Many water heaters are not installed correctly. Often they have an improper vent, or improper relief valve installations. These are immediate attention items.

                (C) 2010 Scorching at water heater burner door

Gas furnace Most gas furnaces seem to be in need of routine maintenance such as new filters. Many have other issues such as faulty operation, loose return ducts,  inadequate clearance to combustibles, or inadequate venting of combustion fumes. We do carbon monoxide testing on furnaces and water heaters.

Plumbing Plumbing issues commonly found include dripping faucets, leaking fixtures, slow drains etc... Even in new homes, it is common to identify minor plumbing defects.  Plumbing is the system most frequent altered incorrectly by home owners. 

                 (C) 2010 Tilted flexible trap connector at kitchen sink

Stairs: Stairs, railings, walks, windows, and other items which if not maintained or updated, increase the potential for serious injury are part of our inspections. 

Energy Efficiency We still find many older homes, and some newer ones, that waste considerable energy.  Often this heat loss leads to ice dams, decayed or moldy roof boards, and building damage.  We are experts in cold climate housing and check for these concerns.  See our Infrared Thermography page.