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What is a ASHI Home Inspection?                                                                              Home buying is exciting, but it can be stressful. You need to consider size, price, and location, and you may wonder if the house has problems that could be costly surprises.

Our goal is to provide accurate information on the house.                                        We examine the house for 3 - 4 hours taking notes & photos to prepare the report.

Items included in an inspection are:

  1. Framing (structure)
  2. Roof and attic
  3. Foundation
  4. Walls
  5. Electrical system
  6. Plumbing system
  7. Heating and air conditioning systems
  8. Kitchen
  9. Bathrooms

When the inspection is done, we review our findings with you and discuss any routine maintenance that should be performed. You will receive a written inspecton report. 

We report things that:  don't work,  have adverse conditions, or are in need of immediate attention,  and equipment or materials that are near the end of their normal service life.

We make repair recommendations and explain the benefits of the repair.


We do not find every adverse condition in the house.  We will do a very thorough home inspection, but you may find concerns we did not report.  We can't spend all day at the house, and we can't dismantle it.   See "When things go wrong no col.pdf

Its unreasonable to expect the seller to correct or compensate you for every adverse condition we report.  Many items reported are normal wear and tear. Every house needs maintenance and could benefit from elective modifications.  We try to put these items in perspective. 

We can't make decisions for you.  We won't advise you on whether or not to buy the house and we won't advice you on property value.  We are not contractors and don't estimate repair costs.  You may use our report to get repair bids. 

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