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                                                      Renters have Rights and Responsibilities

Home owners and inspectors often forget that many people live in rental property.  Tenants and renters often live in buildings that have the same sort of adverse conditions faced by people who own their homes.  Unfortunately, tenants often have far less control of the remedies for those adverse conditions.  

There are several organizations in the Twin Cities that can help tenants and renters understand and enforce their rights to a "habitable" apartment or house. 

One such organization is Homeline, which provides information by phone and email.  Homeline can be reached at
612-728-5767  or online at 

Before contacting Homeline, have make careful notes about your situation.  They will want to know your address, the name of your landlord, property owner, or property manager.  They made need to know the terms or your lease, and how long you have lived in the property.

The Office of the Minnesota Attorney General has a set of documents that outlines tenants / renters rights and responsibilities. This information is available online by clicking here.  

The Minnesota Judicial branch (courts system) also has information online by clicking here

Free legal help for renters is also available in English, Spanish / EspaƱol  and Hmong / Hmoog at LawHelpMN by clicking here. also has tenant information online by clicking here.

Hankey & Brown Inspections does not specialize in rental property, but can occasionally be helpful in investigating the conditions in rental property and inspecting and documenting conditions that might not be readily apparent to tenants.  We often prefer to be directed by attorneys who are representing tenants.  We can be reached at 952 829-0044  or

Be sure to pay your rent on time and follow the terms of your lease. When encountering problems with the condition of your apartment or rented house, take photos of the conditions and make written notes including dates and times about any calls or conversations with your landlord or property manager. Anyone you ask for help will want as many details as you can provide about the history of your tenancy and your interaction with the landlord / property manager / or rental agent.