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Service Experts in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis & St. Paul:

The following are firms that we trust for expert services on residences:

Building Science and Water damaged wall redesign: call us for a referral 952 829-0044

Building Performance Testing (Blower door and Infrared Scan): call us for a referral 952 829-0044

Chimney Repair and Fireplace inspection and cleaning: Jack Pixley Sweeps

Environmentally Sensitive Landscape Designer: EnergyScapes

Furnace Duct Cleaning: Groen's Vacu Man 763 553-1217 or Duct Works  612 799 9111

Ice Dam RemovalThe Ice Dam Company    952 935-9469

Legal Advice on moisture intrusion: Hammargren & Meyer

Mold Inspection and Mitigation: Certified Mold Inspection, 612 597-5970

Odor Removal  Odor Medic (612) 270.2953 or (952) 41 1.9060

Radon Mitigation and Installation of Air to Air Heat exchangers: Quality Radon Services, Minneapolis, 612 521-3580

Radon Mitigation:   Radon Removal Inc.  952 476-6226

Stucco Moisture testing: Call us for a referral 952 829-0044

Structural and Forensic Engineering InvestigationsEncompass Inc.

Wood Roof inspection, repair and treatment: Kuhl's Contracting 952 935 9469

The following product is very useful for proper sealing of old floor drains where the threads of the cleanout opening are rust damaged.    REAL-TITE Plugs

NOTE: We do NOT have a business relationship with the above firms. Our recommendations are based on our opinion of the services they have provided us and/or our customers. Interview any service provider before hiring them.

Several useful energy efficiency products for attic hatches, fireplaces, dryer vents, etc. are available from Battic Door Energy Conservation Products.  Click the link below for their site to see these items. We receive a small commission on products purchased through this link.

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