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Home Inspection Quiz

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#1 Examine the two exterior photos closely and guess what adverse conditions (if any) might be found in areas shown in the photos.  The photo on the right is a big hint.  

Rear view of 1995 built house. Home Inspection Quiz. Troubled Houses Photo (C) 2011 by Roger Hankey ASHI Certified Inspector in Winter Park, CO Detail of rear wall. Home inspection quiz. Troubled Houses photo (C) 2011 by Roger Hankey ASHI Certified Inspector in Winter Park, CO

The photos below reveal the answer (location and condition): scroll down










Location of water damaged subfloor. Home inspection quiz  Troubled Houses photo (C) 2011 Roger Hankey ASHI Certified Inspector in Winter Park, CO Water damaged plywood subfloor near a slider patio door. Home Inspection Quiz  Troubled Houses photo (C) 2011 by  Roger Hankey, ASHI Certified Inspector in Winter Park, CO

The answer is: The adverse condition found is water damage to the subfloor, near the latch side of the sliding patio door at the rear wall.   The water damage is largely a result of splash on the wood patio and step due to the lack of a rain gutter on the rear eave.  Water coming off the roof falls two stories and strikes the wood patio.  The result is splashing water with enough kinetic energy to flow under the metal clad trim below the door of this 14 year old house. Notice the drip line on the wood patio near the door.  Click here for more examples of damage from moisture intrusion.

#2  What adverse condition is indicated by the following photo? 

 Home Inspection Quiz part 2 (C) 2012

Scroll down for answer.





The answer is:  There is no ceiling insulation in the front room where the snow has melted off the roof.

The snow melt was not present at the beginning of this inspection.  The thin layer of snow fell early on the morning of this late October inspection.  The roof was fully snow covered at the beginning of the inspection.  The melted snow pattern was not discovered until the inspector returned to his car for equipment after over an hour into the inspection.  Recognizing the snow melt pattern as abnormal led to changing inspection item sequence.  The attic was immediately examined, and NO ATTIC ACCESS was found for the room in the lower front.  Ceiling temperates were taken at various locations in the house using an infrared thermometer.  The ceiling temperature in the front room was significantly cooler than all the other rooms. The listing REALTOR was present and stated that she had always felt cooler in this room.  We concluded that since there was no attic access for this room that the ceiling was not insulated.  A few days later the REALTOR called to say that an access was made from the garage, our conclusion was correct, this room had been uninsulated for 9 years, and that the builder had the insulation sub-contractor come back and install the insulation.   Click here for more stories and illustrations of energy savings.