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Dear Minnesota customers, REALTORS, and friends.  We have retired effective October 19, 2019.  Thank you for trusting us for over four decades of interesting inspections.  Please email me if you have questions about prior inspections or need advice on conditions in your house.

Grand County Colorado homeowners may contact us for radon testing, carbon monoxide testing and moisture investigation on an appointment only basis as we are available part time for those services. We are located in Winter Park, Colorado.

You can a moisture investigator with over 43 years experience. Thousands of home buyers have had us inspect homes, report adverse conditions, and recommend reasonable repairs and improvements.    We offer Infrared Thermography and RADON tests Our investigations typically include energy conservation suggestions to improve the efficiency and comfort of the house.  
To order an investigation, call 952 217-1617, or submit the form at the bottom of this page 


You benefit from our 43 years experience in home inspections.    
 We investigate Wet Basements,  Ice Dams, and forms of Moisture Intrusion.



Roger Hankey is a  National Radon Proficiency Program certified Radon Measurement professional NRPP ID 105728RT and is licensed by Minnesota Dept. of Health (MDH #00031). 
Roger also offers inspector training and is a subscriber and advisor to ProSpex(sm) an inspector support service.

"Before We Speak House, We LISTEN." We include YOUR concerns in the investigation. We check how the house has handled climate stresses, look for energy efficiency opportunities, and do carbon monoxide tests.    

Ask us a question.   
 This site includes  "Troubled Houses" - The home owners information resource.  The photo below is an example of an adverse condition detail we find and report in our thorough investigations.

 Melted rings at top of a gas water heater.  Troubled Houses-A Home Owner's Resource. (C) 2011 ASHI Certified Inspectors in Winter Park, CO 
We look for important details, report the findings, and make recommendations.  See our home buying tips: Buyer & Agent information.


Your questions are answered at an on-site briefing.   We explain our findings and offer maintenance tips.   

We also do Radon Tests & Moisture Investigations and provide  consulting services on other issues including ice dams and wet basements for buyers, sellers, and property owners.   Now offering infrared camera thermal imaging service for both residential and industrial customers.  See HUD's "Ten questions to ask your home inspector."  See our News & Hot tips section for important information on central air conditioners built before 2010. 


   Roger Hankey, ASHI Certified Inspector in Winter Park, CO

Read ASHI® Reporter articles written by Roger Hankey, a national authority on home inspections.  Roger has taught home inspection classes across the US and held many leadership positions in ASHI.  He is the most senior member of ASHI® in Minnesota and received the first ASHI® President's award in 1989 for his leadership on the ASHI Standards.  Roger also has written and reviewed articles for    Moisture investiation is a humbling task requiring curiosity and mindfulness.  We try to learn from each assignment and share the benefits of those lessons with you.  Some of those lessons can be found on our Troubled Houses page.

We serve Grand County Colorado. 

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